To All Patients and Families of Evans Pediatric Clinic

Evans Pediatric Clinic will be closing permanently at the end of the business day on February 26, 2021.  Although the clinic will be closing, both Dianne and Dr. Evans will continue to serve in our community, but at different locations.

Dr. Evans will be joining Mosaic Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Mitchell Woods located at 5514 Corporate Drive.  The new phone number will be 816-271-4980

Dianne Castle will be joining Dr. Sibyl Downing at Downing Pediatrics located at 3839 Frederick Avenue. The new phone number will be 816-396-8855. 

Appointments that have already been made after February 26 will be at the new locations.  Please call or stop by the office to transfer medical records if desired.  Medical records that have not been transferred will eventually be transferred to Mosaic. 

We both hope to continue serving the families we have come to know over the past many years. 

Dianne and Dr. Evans