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What is your FAQ?

This FAQ page is dedicated to the most popular questions asked by our clients and is designed to be a quick, simple reference for you.

Are Immunizations safe?

Of course nothing is guaranteed to be completely safe. However, the risk of a serious reaction to vaccination is extremely small and rarely occurs. It is common knowledge that vaccines have saved millions of lives, and prevented many more people from having serious complications from vaccine preventable illnesses. It is more dangerous to ride in an automobile than to receive a vaccination yet we take our children in cars without hesitation. We know they are safe.

If my child is being seen for a routine well child check can I ask about other issues?

If it is very minor and requires a simple answer then it is not a problem. However, if it is a condition that requires additional history gathering with more treatment planning or education then we may ask you to schedule a separate appointment so that we can give it the proper time and attention it needs. If we have time and can take care of the other issue, then according to the rules we must follow, the encounter will be treated like two appointments. This means that if you add on other issues to your child’s well check, you will be billed a copay according to your insurance policy guidelines.

Does an older child need well checks?

Even though an older child may not need immunizations as often as younger children, they still need periodic well checks. We follow developmental milestones as young infants and toddlers are growing but this changes as children get older. As children get older there are some immunizations they should get, and we screen for certain medical disorders based on age, weight, family history etc. Early detection and intervention can reduce long term complications of many diseases. It is also a time for us to talk with your adolescent about important medical issues for their age.

Does insurance cover sports physicals?

Generally, insurance companies do not pay for sports physicals. However, a routine well check should be covered by your insurance and will allow us to complete both the important task of a well check PLUS your child’s sports physical form in a single visit. Under the rules set by the State of Missouri, a sports physical done after February 1st is good for the next academic year so go ahead and get the well check and sports physical done before the summer rush.